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Where to eat in a restaurant in Sète?


Les Halles Solanid*

Organic restaurant

Les Halles Solanid? An organic restaurant! The recipes, designed in collaboration between the Chef and a micro-nutritionist, well-balanced, avoid unnecessary fats and sugars, without ever sacrificing flavour. All the ingredients used are organic and the meals, ultra-fresh, can be eaten on site or, thanks to very practical packaging, as a take-away. Picnic on the beach or by the lagoon !

*Service until 31/03/2024


Sète gastronomy

Sète is a gourmet city with many specialties. The most emblematic dish is probably the tielle, a round chopped octopus and tomato sauce pie with fluted edges, of which there are many variations now (to taste at a caterer’s or in a restaurant).Also in the seafood recipes, we can find cuttlefish rouille, stuffed mussels, fish soup ... But Sète shares its gastronomy a lot with Italy: macaronade, a mixture of macaroni, brageoles (beef) and tomato sauce is the traditional dish for a Sunday with the family.


Gourmet memories of Sète

One of a holiday pleasures is, a few weeks or months later, to remember it with a smile or even to rediscover a taste for it. So, rather than a postcard or a useless trinket, opt for the gourmet souvenir! Several artisanal canneries in the city offer their recipes: cuttlefish rust, rock fish soup, stuffed mussels and squid ... In the heart of winter, you will find the taste of the southern Mediterranean Sea, the restaurants of Sète and even the images of your passage on the banks of the Thau lagoon!

Tasting at the edge
of the Thau lagoon

To fully enjoy the typical Sète, you have to go to the Thau lagoon and its taverns. There, under the sun and the sea breeze, you can taste freshly caught seafood accompanied by a glass of white wine. A simple, iodized and invigorating pleasure!

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