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The restaurants in Marrakech at the hotel ***** Le Domaine des Remparts


Restaurant L'Olivier:
the flavours of Marrakech

To make the most of the surroundings and the gardens of the hotel Le Domaine des Remparts, a stop at the restaurant L'Olivier is essential. Returning from an excursion inland for a moment of relaxation or the time of a simple rapid lunch, sit by the swimming pool, soak up the colours and scents of the gardens, watch the ballet of birds fluttering around and discover the Chef's “fooding” proposition around a base of fish, grilled meats and vegetables from the garden (the hotel's vegetable garden) 100% freshness. For the more athletic, a “healthy” menu is also available.


Le Tibipt, your gourmet restaurant
in Marrakech

The discovery of a culture goes particularly through its cuisine. Le Tibipt restaurant (the name of Marrakech's most popular bird) is the perfect place to learn about Moroccan culinary art. The menu revisits this heritage in a gastronomic version, combining sophistication and intense flavours for a real journey of taste. Marrakech being a meeting place for travellers from all over the world, the restaurant also offers a selection of international dishes (French and Asian in particular) to enrich the discussions.


Breakfast and room service

For breakfast, meet around the swimming pool, on the terrace of the restaurant Le Tipipt. Another opportunity to taste the fresh produce from the vegetable garden. And if you prefer to enjoy the terrace of your room and the semi-private garden, you can ask room service to bring you your breakfast or your meal. A good way to taste the Moroccan flavours in complete privacy!

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