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Spa Le Domaine des Remparts

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Enjoy a unique moment where traditional oriental flavors blend together, the total relaxation of a spa and the quality of 5-star service.


The oriental tradition
of Hammam and spa

The Greco-Roman culture popularized public baths in all the countries of the Mediterranean basin. In the East, and especially in Morocco, the Hamman has since become a place of both hygiene and social relations, where we can relax as much as we discuss. While the "heat and humidity bath" purifies and dilates the pores to flush out impurities, it is often preceded by a scrub and massage session. It is this sequence and this tradition that the spa establishments of Marrakech (like that of the hotel Le Domaine des Remparts) have recovered and "westernize" to provide more comfort (the layout of really traditional Hammans are very simple and a little austere).


The spa in Marrakech

The spa as we know it today brings together several well-being "ingredients" from the world of thalassotherapy and aesthetics. The term "spa" is often associated with the Jacuzzi, a bubble bath resulting from hydrotherapy. This practice is combined with massages via water jets or more traditional manipulations. These techniques now define the universe of the spa, which depends on the country and local customs. The spa in Marrakech, like that at Le Domaine des Remparts hotel, is often combined with a universe of typical perfumes and scents, very evocative and particularly relaxing.


Spa session in Morocco:
the great escape of the senses

The time spent at the spa, for a simple treatment or a longer cure, is a moment of unique relaxation. The notion of travel is always associated with moments of letting go, so surrender to your senses and to the ambience of the place which invites you to reverie and  evoke a distant and inaccessible destination. Combining this intimate experience with a real trip to a spa session in Marrakech, further strengthens the experience and opens  doors to an even more exotic place elsewhere.

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