Where to eat in a restaurant in Marrakech?



The flavours of the Orient

For a lunch by the pool or an evening with friends, the restaurant L'Olivier offers a menu of grilled meats and fish associated with characteristic Moroccan flavours.


Restaurants in Marrakech, specialties?

Moroccan culinary specialties in the restaurants of Marrakech are numerous and will make gourmets saliva. The most representative dishes remain couscous, briouates, pastilla and "tanjia" or tajine. Note that this name designates the dish in which the food is cooked and not a specific recipe. We can find under this title various preparations, based on beef or mutton accompanied by spices and candied fruit. The cooking lasts several hours and allows the aromas to mix in the earthenware pot to give this unique result. To be enjoyed in Marrakech in the restaurant Le Tibipt, at the hotel Le Domaine des Remparts.


Desserts and delicacies

Beware of extra kilos, Moroccan pastry is redoubtablefor gourmets! But it's hard to ignore the local specialties when it comes to dessert in a restaurant in Marrakech. Baghrir, horns of gazelles, sellou, mhancha, baklava… So many good things often made from honey and almonds. To be enjoyed with a traditional mint tea for a complete change of scenery experience. Do not hesitate to ask for the dessert menu when you visit Marrakech restaurants such as Le Grill or le Tibipt (hotel Le Domaine des Remparts).


Tradition in Marrakech: mint tea

At the end of a meal in a restaurant in Marrakech or during an afternoon break in an excursion to the city's souks, mint tea is a Moroccan tradition that must be tasted. A blend of green tea leaves infused with water, sugar and mint, it is often served with local pastries. It is also a moment of exchange and conviviality, to get to know or strengthen the bonds of friendship with those around you. Tasting idea: in the flower gardens of the hotel Le Domaine des Remparts, on the terrace of one of the two Moroccan restaurants, accompanied by birdsong!


In restaurants in Marrakech:
the seasons to eat on the terrace

  • Winter: cool in the morning and at sunset, 20 to 22 ° at noon. Lunch by the pool.
  • Spring: from breakfast to dinner by the pool or garden, 24 to 28 °.
  • Summer: June: until 35 ° at noon. The days are the longest of the year. July August: up to 45 ° at noon. The mornings and evenings remain very pleasant. September until 30 ° at noon.
  • Autumn: October until 25/28 ° at noon. From breakfast to dinner by the pool or garden. November until 23/25 ° at noon. Evening with a cardigan/jacket.
  • Winter: cool in the morning and at sunset, 20 to 22 ° at noon. Lunch by the pool.
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