A kitchen is a theatre stage. From the one where a ballet is performed every day with a choreography of millimetres. A piece made of heard looks and precise gestures. The result of the director's demands and the countless rehearsals of his troupe.

The Chef's table of L'Almandin allows you to attend this unique show and discover the backstage of your own tasting. This mysterious place where raw materials, products and ingredients are transformed, where cuisine becomes gastronomy, a culinary art.

In a specially designed space in the very heart of L'Almandin's cuisine, you will enjoy Christophe Schmitt's 6-course tasting menu and special moments to discuss with him the design of each dish.

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The Chef's Table is open from Wednesday to Sunday at a rate of 180€ per person. Your meal includes a champagne aperitif and a wine pairing or a 100% champagne accompaniment.


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