Every Wednesday evening, buffet prepared by chef Sylvain Marsault, Toque Blanche du Roussillon

€46 / person

i reserve J'AFFICHE LE picto-tel-blanc.png +33 4 68 51 60 60

starters :

Cutting of Iberian ham, Plateau of sausages composed of chorizo, lomo and whisk, etc....
Cutting of duck foie gras on warm brioche
Shellfish in parsley: mussels, knives and shells
Seafood platter: oysters, whelks, prawns, prawns and oilcake claws
Norwegian smoked salmon plate 
Plate of shells, mussels and scallops au gratin
Assortment of salads: beans and smoked duck breast, tomatoes Marmande and mozzarella di Bufala with pesto, tortellini with smoked salmon, red peppers and Boquerones.


Example of Dishes :

Cutting of cooked whole fish in a salt crust 
Large piece of meat such as prime rib of beef
Two toppings to choose from. For example: Spanish rice, mashed potatoes with organ oil or vegetable tian.


Dessert buffet:

Pôle animation crêpes Suzette
Different seasonal fresh fruit pies
Fruit salad
Plate of verrines with desserts, mousses, creams 
Basket of fresh fruit.

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